Volunteer or Intern On Campus

By providing my contact information, I am consenting to have OSPIRG Students, and their affiliates contact me with information about this and future campaigns.

We have both in-person and remote volunteer opportunities and internships available to help people in need, protect public health and the environment, and keep our community civically engaged.

Regardless of your schedule, you can volunteer with OSPIRG Students and make a difference. Whether you can volunteer once a week or once a term, OSPIRG Students provides a unique opportunity to work on meaningful issues and help your community in a time of need.


100% Clean Electricity– Work towards clean electricity in Oregon! California, Washington, and Hawaii have already made commitments to 100% clean electricity. Oregon can join them so the west coast can lead our country into a green future!

Hunger and Homelessness – With COVID-19 causes and public health and economic crisis, work to fundraise for critical charities helping our neighbors struggling to make ends meet.

Affordable Textbooks – Textbooks are too expensive! The solution is open textbooks which are free to download. At the very least students should be able to see the costs of the books they’re purchasing. Help us advocate for course material costs transparency for all campuses in Oregon by collecting support from facutly.


Communication Skills – Improve your public speaking and writing skills, and learn how to work with the media to get media coverage. Get experience speaking in front of groups and advocating a position one-on-one.

Campaign Skills – Learn the basics of running a campaign – recruiting and training volunteers, generating grassroots support (petitions, letters, calls), building coalitions, organizing large events, campaign strategy, and advocacy skills.

Leadership Skills – Learn how to run meetings, work with teams, plan large events, develop other leaders, mange volunteers, and manage your time.

Apply today! Fill out the contact form and we will call you to schedule an internship overview and interview. You can also volunteer to make an impact!