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The Torch
Jon Fuccillo

ASLCC finally reached an agreement funding the LCC Student Nursing Association’s trip to Thailand and continued collaboration with Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group on the “Textbook Rebellion” and “Take Back the Taps” campaign.

Student government moved right along in their approved agenda having reached quorum with seven voting members present. Within in the first 20 minutes of the meeting ASLCC decided to approve the LCC SNA proposal and support six students from the nursing program to go to Thailand to study practical nursing and gain humanitarian experience.

“After a great deal of discussion we came to the conclusion that we would support anywhere between probably four and six. Four people would be $5,000, under this budget and six people would be $7,500. And I want to make it very clear with this board that we have this money,” said an ASLCC  senate member in attendance.

Shortly after, all seven members of the Senate agreed to send six students to Thailand.

It wasn’t the $17,500 that the SNA originally requested, but SNA was still thrilled with the decision of the senate to help send six students.

According to the senate, “Historically when groups come to the senate asking for a request they traditionally support four representatives.”

ASLCC also decided to work along with OSPIRG in its national Textbook Rebellion campaign.

“The whole point of it is to really bring awareness to text book portability issues and also providing faculty and people who are working to write and publish books ­— provinding them with other alternatives,” Campus Organizer for OSPIRG Trever Hutchenson said.

All seven members of the senate approved the movement to coordinate with OSPIRG.

ASLCC is also handing out 200 plastic water bottles in correlation to “Take Back the Tap.” After those 200 plastic water bottles are given out student government will sell the remainder at the ASLCC student store for a price between $1.25 and $1.50.