Campus Organizer: Jennifer Hibberts, (336) 554-3947,

Chapter Chair: Elizabeth Radcliffe,

Campaign Meetings

  • Chapter Meeting – Wednesday 6:00pm – 122 Mckenzie
  • Wildlife Over Waste – Wednesday 5:00pm – 122 Mckenzie
  • Hunger and Homelessness
  • 100% Electric Busses – Tuesday 6:00pm – Anstett Hall 193
  • Zero Hunger Zero Waste – Monday 6:00pm
  • Free Open Textbooks – Wednesday 4:00pm – EMU in front of Jamba Juice

Refund Tables

Students interested in a refund for the $1.75 per term OSPIRG fee can receive one by stopping by our table at the EMU North Entrance Wednesday 11/6 to Friday 11/8 9:00am to 5:00pm. Please bring your student ID.

How OSPIRG at University of Oregon is Funded:

The thing that makes us effective is that we’re funded by students. Every two years students at University of Oregon vote to reaffirm our funding. We’re funded by students chipping-in $1.75 per term, and two years ago over 85% of Ducks voted yes for OSPIRG—so thanks! We pool this money statewide and hire professional staff to work for students. Expert staff give students the skills and resources to make a difference here on campus, and also in Salem, Portland, and Washington D.C. where decisions are made.

Calendar of Events:

Connect With Us:

OSPIRG Students

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