Dozens of Students at OSPIRG Lobby Day

Blog Post

On Monday, dozens of students from OSPIRG Students got the experience of meeting face-to-face with their elected leaders at our Annual Lobby Day in Salem.

This year we advocated for solutions to plastic pollution, climate change, campus hunger, and student debt.

Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our ocean for hundreds of years. We’re concerned with the immense amount of plastic ending up in the ocean and what this will mean for our future. We can’t recycle our way out of this problem so we need to act now to protect our wildlife. 

That’s why we support a ban on polystyrene foam cups and takeout containers. Last term we successfully passed a ban in Eugene building off of the Portland ban we passed in 1990. Now one-third of Oregonians are living without foam! 

It’s time to go statewide. Our leaders should act as soon as possible because we know Oregonians want a ban. We’ve been working on campus to build support and passed three student government resolutions, and collected over 2,000 student petitions calling for action. 

On Monday, we brought petition signatures and a dozen students to Salem for our OSPIRG Students Annual Lobby Day. 

We held over 15 meetings in total with legislators or their staff, also talking about our solutions for 100% renewable energy to tackle climate change; funding for a study on campus hunger; and support for protections for student loan borrowers.