Result | Higher Ed

Letter to Congress: Don't Raid Pell Funding

The undersigned organizations urge you to oppose any attempt to raid Pell Grant funding as you advance FY 2017 appropriations.

Result | Health Care

Over $155 million in health care waste cut from premiums since 2010

OSPIRG pushes back when health insurance companies try to raise premiums. So far, we've helped cut over $155 million in waste. We know too many insurers are still wasting money here in Oregon, and that's where you come in.

Result | Health Care

New plan could cut over $200 million in health care waste

OSPIRG's Laura Etherton helped lead the effort between different health care industry players.

Result | Textbooks

Law now requires textbook publishers to disclose prices to faculty

OSPIRG research showing how  textbook publishers' tactics drive up textbook costs have helped launch a national campaign, generated national media coverage, sparked a Congressional investigation, and crafted a set of policy solutions that were subsequently used by Congress to help address the problem.


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