Result | Energy

Powershift West: Building clean energy leaders for tomorrow

Creating a clean energy economy and fighting global warming is a big task. It won't be acocmplished in one generation alone. And it will take tens of thousands of leaders in communities across the country to push to make it happen.

Standing Up to Credit Card Rip-Offs

The Credit CARD Act protects students from shady on-campus marketing, puts limits on insane interest rates, bans unfair billing practices, and requires fairer fees and better disclosure about fees and penalties.

Result | Higher Ed

Reducing Student Debt

OSPIRG research and public education gets the ear of lawmakers.

Result | Corporate

$550 million in corporate tax breaks revealed

Since the start of 2012, the recipients of over $550 million in corporate tax breaks is now online, thanks in part to the research and public education efforts of OSPIRG and others.


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