Result | Health Care

New plan could cut over $200 million in health care waste

OSPIRG's Laura Etherton helped lead the effort between different health care industry players.

Result | Textbooks

Law now requires textbook publishers to disclose prices to faculty

OSPIRG research showing how  textbook publishers' tactics drive up textbook costs have helped launch a national campaign, generated national media coverage, sparked a Congressional investigation, and crafted a set of policy solutions that were subsequently used by Congress to help address the problem.

Result | Transit

New ideas for faster trains in Oregon

OSPIRG Executive Director Dave Rosenfeld recently served on the statewide Rail Funding Task Force to help identify ways to fund faster train service between Eugene and Portland.

Result | Energy

Powershift West: Building clean energy leaders for tomorrow

Creating a clean energy economy and fighting global warming is a big task. It won't be acocmplished in one generation alone. And it will take tens of thousands of leaders in communities across the country to push to make it happen.


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