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Media Hit | Higher Ed

Bank deals stack on additional fees for students with financial aid

As many as 900 colleges are pushing students into using payment cards that carry hefty costs, sometimes even to get to their financial aid money, according to a report to be released Wednesday by a public interest group.

Media Hit | Health Care

State of the rates

As any small business or individual who pays for health insurance can tell you, it hasn't been easy. Far from it, what with 20 percent rate hikes and a terrible economy.

But thanks to new rules to crack down on excessive health insurance rate hikes – and the greater scrutiny that has followed – consumers have reason for cautious optimism.

Groups target textbook prices to rein in college costs

A push to create free or inexpensive textbooks is gaining momentum as educators, philanthropists and policymakers nationwide search for new ways to rein in college costs.

Media Hit

Student-run OSPIRG kicks off new year of student engagement

Seventy Southern Oregon University students attended OSPIRG's Kick Off Meeting this Winter.
The event commensed with inspirational speeches from SOU Vice President Jonathan Eldridge and
Ashland Food Angel's Pamala Joy. Attendees then broke out into campaign groups to further to discuss
the problem and solutions, and to plan their first event for the quarter.


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