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March Forth on March 4th


SOU students and community members alike with assemble March 4th in a candlelight vigil to mourn the death of free and fair democratic elections in the United States. The Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court case of 2010 decided that because individuals have a right to free speech, corporations do too and their political spending should not be limited because political spending is a form of speech. On March Fourth, the real citizens will unite, and we will use our freedom of speech to make it known that we do not approve of unlimited corporate involvement in our democratic elections. Join us!

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Join OSPIRG, Thrive, local farmers, and experts to take a closer look at wasteful government subsidies which benefit only the largest of agrobusinesses in America and harm our small, family farmers. At the gallery closing of "Lexicon of Sustainability," OSPIRG will be hosting an interactive panel as students, community members and experts alike come together to discuss the problem and the solutions behind agriculture subsidies.

Who: OSPIRG, Thrive, Ashland Community Members, SOU Students
What: Enjoy local wine, food, and thought provoking conversation.
When: February 28th, 2012 at 6PM
Where: The Meese Room, Hannon Library, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR

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Starting today, the recipients of over $550 million in corporate tax breaks is now online, thanks in part to the research and public education efforts of OSPIRG and others.


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From 2010 to the present, Oregon's consumers have saved $37 million in health insurance costs, thanks to stepped up scrutiny of health insurers by state officials and OSPIRG's Health Insurance Rate Watch Project.

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