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Our chapter meetings are every Tuesday at 7pm in Straub 252.


Chapter Chair: Casey Scofield,

Campus Organizer: Jacob Wyant,


OSPIRG is a statewide student-directed and student-funded non-profit that works on issues that affect all Oregonians. OSPIRG has been on the campus of the University of Oregon since 1971 when students worked together to bring about a new way of addressing important political issues. The organization was influenced by the idea that there are more problems than we should tolerate and more solutions than we implement. OSPIRG trains students to stand up to powerful special interests and to make tangible impacts in their campus community and beyond.


OSPIRG is effective because we teach students the skills they need to get their voices heard on campus and in Salem and Washington D.C.  Get involved to make a difference, gain skills, build your resume, and learn more about organizing models, coalition-building, lobbying elected officials, and working with the media. 


Winter 2017 Campaigns

This Winter, OSPIRG will be running public education and advocacy campaigns on five issues:


Protect Antibiotics

Our lead campaign this winter will be working to protect our life-saving antibiotics from overuse. Despite the fact that we rely on antibiotics for everything from basic infections to life-threatening illnesses and surgeries, food industry practices are putting our medicine at risk. Many large-scale farms use antibiotics in the daily feed of whole herds of animals, and this reckless behavior makes it more likely that antibiotics won't work when we need them. So this term we will be working to pass a statewide bill in the Oregon Legislature that will make sure antibiotics are only used in the case of illness, which will make sure our medicines remain effective continue helping save millions of lives.

Campaign Coordinator: Casey Scofield


Save the Bees

Our Save the Bees campaign will be working to protect our bee populations and food supply by petitioning the EPA to ban a dangerous class of bee-killing pesticides called neonicotinoids. These chemicals have already been banned from use on public lands in cities like Eugene & Seattle, and most recently was first banned on a statewide level by the state of Maryland. These pesticides contribute to colony collapse of pollinators, which is why we want to get EPA Administrator to place a moratorium on their sale to the public.

Campaign Coordinator: Tan Perkins


Renewable Energy

We will also be continuing our Go Solar campaign to fight global warming by promoting clean renewable energy in Oregon. We know we have the technology to drastically increase the amount of clean, renewable energy in our energy mix, and since helping to pass landmark legislation in the Feb. 2016 session we’ve been focusing on education the public about the accessibility of solar and pushing local leaders to be solar champions, and we will continue that effort in the fall.

Campaign Coordinator: Ellen Gardon


Fight Hunger and Homelessness

Poverty is a huge issue in Lane County. As a part of OSPIRG’s service mission, students involved in our Hunger & Homelessness will continue to work with local service providers, such as Food for Lane County, to build resources for our neighbors in need. In addition, next fall we will focus on working with other campus groups to help get the new on-campus food pantry up and running.

Campaign Coordinator: Ivan Chen


Make Textbooks Affordable

Textbooks have become way too expensive and pose a real financial burden for many students. At the University of Oregon and around the country we are organizing to get more open textbooks in our classrooms. Open textbooks are faculty-written and peer-reviewed like traditional textbooks, but they are published under an open license, meaning they are free online, free to download, and affordable in print – usually $10-$40. OSPIRG will be working to show that students need more affordable options and are willing to speak up to make it happen and we’ll be meeting with top leaders and key decision makers on campus, encouraging them to expand programs for open textbooks at the U of O.

Campaign Coordinator: Kendall Balchan


 The best way to get involved with one of our campaigns is by becoming an OSPIRG intern! You can apply by emailing

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